Interpro 93.0: New Features And Updates

Written on by Typhaine Paysan-Lafosse

This release includes new features and improvements to the InterPro website. The list of changes is detailed below. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please contact us.

Change of InterPro and other resources data license terms

InterPro data was previously available under the EMBL-EBI terms of use. All of the InterPro, Pfam, PRINTS and SFLD downloadable data provided on the InterPro website is now freely available under CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication.

The InterProScan software is distributed under the open source Apache License.

More information is available under the About/License tab of the website menu.

New functionalities for the 3D structure viewer

Disable/enable the picture-in-picture functionality of the structure viewer

When scrolling down a page containing a 3D structure viewer (e.g. PDB structure, AlphaFold or RoseTTAFold page), the structure viewer becomes a popup when the viewer is not in the visible part of the page. We have added the option to disable or enable this functionality in the set of options shown below the viewer.

Split full screen mode

The split full screen mode allows you to see the 3D structure and protein sequence viewer side by side. This feature was previously available for PDB structures and is now also available for Alphafold models.

interpro 93 split view example Figure 1. Split view for the AlphaFold model of A0A0R4IDP3.

Protein sequence viewer tooltip

When looking at the InterPro entries and signatures mapping in the protein sequence viewer or in the entries displayed in the domain architecture and hovering over an item, a tooltip with extra information about the coverage is displayed. We have worked on the tooltip style to take less space on the screen and not hide the main content shown in the viewer.

Protein families game

We have added a new page providing information about the Protein families game and proteins under Help/Protein families game tab of the website menu.

interpro 93 protein families game view Figure 2. Protein families game page in InterPro

Set information included in metadata

The set information is now included in the metadata of an entry. So now the website doesn’t need an extra request to get this information.


There have been a few releases that the protein’s name was missing from the protein page. The UniProt protein name is now shown next to the protein identifier at the top of the page.

interpro 93 protein page view Figure 3. General information about the protein A0AIY2, including its UniProt name.

We have standardised the style of the buttons of the PDB structure and AlphaFold viewers.