New entries in InterPro 61 - the tip of the iceberg

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iceberg image The thing about icebergs is, with 90% of their volume hidden beneath the water, it can be hard to appreciate their true size. The same can be said about InterPro 61.0, which represents a real iceberg of a release, with a huge amount of unseen work below the surface that is not fully reflected in the release note statistics.

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A new InterPro member database - CDD joins InterPro

Written on by Rob Finn

We are pleased to announce that the NCBI Conserved Domain Database (CDD) has joined the InterPro consortium as a member database, and has begun to be integrated into the resource.

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Navigating the ever-changing ocean of biological knowledge

Written on by Alex Mitchell

The removal of annotation from biological databases is often taken to mean that the annotation was wrong in the first place. Why else would diligent biocuators remove information that had been painstakingly added to database entries? illustration

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Previous Interpro Blog Articles

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You can still find previous articles published to the InterPro blog. Bear in mind that these are older articles and might be out of date. Find them on Blogspot.

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